Another Member Recommended Podcast: In Plain Language Podcast (Tips from top experts to help your child’s language skills skyrocket — whether it’s their native language or another language)

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Member Recommended Podcast: Tube to Table (Helping tube-fed kids become happy and healthy eaters)

A DSHA member recently recommended the Tube to Table Podcast – Helping tube-fed kids become happy and healthy eaters. Check it out!

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SLP Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate Moving Forward

The Board Certified Specialist-Autism Spectrum Disorder (BCS-ASD) certificate for SLP’s is moving forward! The building of a website is underway and you are invited to see for yourself how progress is coming along. Visit the website at

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Buteyko Breathing Technique Seminar

UD is sponsoring Hadas Golan, CCC-SLP from Boston, in a Buteyko Breathing Technique seminar Jan. 10-11, 2020.  See registration below.  Attendance is capped at 30.  BBT has been shown to be effective for some cases of asthma and also adolescent exercise-induced Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion Disorder, also called VCD.  There are discounts for students.  Registrations are filling up but it’s worth a look if you are interested!  Here is the registration link:

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Looking for a new work setting or opportunity?

Looking for a new work setting or job opportunity? Head over to the DSHA Career Center.

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New Phonetics Podcast

Check This Out on Spotify! Introducing the Hooked on Phonetics podcast, with Maxwell Hope from the University of Delaware. Tune into the podcast for interesting discussions about all things phonetics.

Maxwell will be inviting guests to give short explanations (2 to 5 minutes) of sounds, phonation, phonology, related topics. If you’d like to be a guest speaker, send an email to and we’ll pass along that you’d be interested.

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