Executive Council

The DSHA Executive Council is a group of DSHA members who volunteer their time and efforts to support their chosen profession.


President: Samantha Weatherford (email Samantha at sweatherford@esdel.org)

Past-President: Leia Heckman (email Leia at leia.heckman@gmail.com)

Secretary: Kati Capitan-Anderson

Treasurer: Jen Thomas

ASHA CE Administrator: Samantha Weatherford (email Samantha at sweatherford@esdel.org)


Audiology: Kathi Riley (email Kathi at kathiriley18@gmail.com)

Conference: Open

Pediatric Services: Maria Joyce

Adults Services: Jess Bahls

Legislative and Professional Affairs: Open

Membership/Recruitment: Kelly Sanderson

Schools/SEAL: Patty Pfeiffer

Communications: Aline Holler and Kristen Palmer

Student Liaison: Open