Conference Attendance Policy


Individuals planning to attend the DSHA conferences must submit payment in the form of a PERSONAL CHECK at the time of registration. It is the personal check that holds your place. If your employer will be sending a check, you must still submit your check with your registration. Your personal check will be voided and returned to you once the employer check is received by the Conference Registrar. If the employer check is not received prior to the conference, your check will be turned over to the DSHA Treasurer for deposit. Once the employer check is received, you would be reimbursed by DSHA.

DO NOT rely on your employer to be timely in submitting your registration or payment. Many individuals have lost the opportunity to attend a conference because the employer paperwork was not received before the conference “filled- up” or before the final deadline to register.

Individuals who owe late fees, non-member fees, or have indicated that they will join DSHA at the conference to qualify for member fees and who have not met those obligations by the close of the conference will not receive the CEU verification certificate until that obligation is met.

Confirmation of Attendance and Payment
A letter confirming your registration and payment is sent typically within two weeks of your registration being received by the Conference Registrar. The amount paid is included in the letter for those who need verification of payment to be reimbursed.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
As per ASHA CE policy effective June 1, 2011, DSHA will be implementing some minor changes with regard to awarding CEUs. Individuals leaving prior to the end of the conference must complete the same Learning Assessment that other attendees complete at the end of the course and demonstrate attainment of the published Learning Outcomes. To allow the Conference Committee to focus on the necessary duties of the day, two alternative times will be made available for individuals departing early to access the Learning Assessment: Lunch time (12:00 PM) and the Afternoon Break (2:30 PM).

A time-adjusted CE certificate will be mailed to participants who depart early and complete the Learning Assessment, demonstrating attainment of the Learning Outcomes; there is no additional charge for this certificate. Individuals arriving late for the conference will complete the Learning Assessment, demonstrating attainment of the Learning Outcomes at the end of the day and also be mailed a time-adjusted certificate (no additional charge). DSHA encourages all participants to plan to stay the entire day.

Verification of Attendance
At the close of the conference, attendees are provided a CEU certificate that can be used to verify attendance at the conference. Individuals arriving late or departing early will be mailed a corrected CEU certificate with the hours adjusted as per the DSHA policy which is in compliance with ASHA CEU requirements.
Attendees are encouraged to utilize the ASHA Continuing Education Registry service as it provides tracking of ASHA approved CEUs as well as verification of attendance for a minimal yearly fee.

Individuals requesting a replacement CEU certificate from DSHA will be charged $20.00 per conference event. As attendance records must be retrieved from the archives, requesting a replacement certificate from DSHA is a time consuming process and should be used as a last resort. Payment must accompany the request for certificate copies.

We ask that participants extend professional courtesy to the presenter and to their fellow attendees.

  • Cell phones and other electronic devices should be turned off during the presentation. Morning and afternoon breaks, as well as lunch time, allow for individuals to remain in touch with employers, clients, family, and friends.
  • Personal conversations at the table while the speaker is presenting are distracting to the presenter and prevent others from hearing the presentation. If you must talk to someone, please move outside of the presentation room.
  • Please remember that volunteer members of the DSHA Conference Committee clean up the tables at the end of the conference. Please make every effort to deposit all trash in the trash cans provided as you leave the conference room.