Independent Studies


Purpose: To clarify the roles of DSHA, ASHA CE Administrator, and the participant relative to the completion of an independent study for ASHA CEUs.

Policy: Speech-Language Pathologists or Audiologists may obtain ASHA CEUs via the completion of an independent study relating to the practice of these disciplines as reviewed by the ASHA CE Administrator, the DSHA Executive Council, and in accordance with the guidelines specified by ASHA.

Procedure: Speech-Language Pathologists or Audiologists seeking ASHA CEUs for an independent study will take the following actions:

      1. Notify the ASHA CEU Administrator at least 120 days prior to the continuing education activity for which an independent study is being pursued. This may be achieved via written request or email. The ASHA CE Administrator and the DSHA Executive Council will then review the request and determine the validity of the independent study as it relates to the practice of speech-language pathology and/or audiology. Approval or denial will then be determined and the participant proposing the study will be informed within 10 days of receipt of the request. If an independent study request is denied, the rationale will be reviewed with the participant by the ASHA CE Administrator and suggestions will be offered, if appropriate, to allow for re-submitting a request. The ASHA CE Administrator will also provide the participant with a copy of the Independent Study Guidelines published by ASHA.


      2. DSHA will only sponsor independent studies for DSHA members, or Delaware licensed Speech-Language Pathologists or Audiologist. The fee schedule for the necessary reviews and filing of the independent study will be as follows: DSHA Member – $50.00; Non-DSHA Member – $75.00. This fee is not contingent upon completion of the independent study or final approval by ASHA.


      3. Upon receipt of payment, payable to DSHA, the ASHA CE Administrator will develop with the participant a plan for the independent study. This plan will include specific time frames for completing the independent study, determining the number of CEUs to be awarded upon completion, and filing of the required ASHA forms.


      4. Upon receipt of the ASHA required Independent Study Activity From within the specified time frame, the ASHA CE Administrator would then review the completed forms with the participant to assure accuracy, and will submit the competed fomrms to ASHA for approval. Final approval may only be granted by ASHA. Neither DSHA nor the ASHA CE Administrator accepts responsibility in the event that an independent study is not approved. Further, the above stated fee does not guarantee ASHA approval of the independent study.


    5. When notified by ASHA, the ASHA CE Administrator will inform the participant of the approval or denial of the independent study by ASHA, and the inclusion of the ASHA CEUs added to the participant’s ASHA CEU Registry. The participant will also directly receive verification of the CEUs awarded by ASHA from ASHA.

Adopted by DSHA Executive Council March 6, 2002
Illene Courtright , President, DSHA
Joy Hill, ASHA CE Administrator