Purpose: To provide an opportunity for the DSHA Executive Council to review the content, quality, and appropriateness of requests made by an organization, not recognized as an ASHA CE Provider, for co-sponsorship of a continuing education activity.

Policy: In order for an organization not recognized as an ASHA CE Provider to grant ASHA CEUs to participating speech-language pathologist or audiologists, a co-sponsorship agreement must be completed, a co-sponsorship fee paid to ASHA, and all materials reviewed and approved by the ASHA CE Administrator and the DSHA Executive Council before being submitted to ASHA for final approval.


  1.  The organization seeking ASHA CEUs shall contact the ASHA CE Administrator for DSHA in writing or by email, at least 180 days prior to the activity, expressing an interest in providing ASHA CEUs to speech-language pathologist and/or audiologists participating in a continuing education activity.
  2.  The ASHA CE Administrator will then inform the requesting organization of the required ASHA co-sponsorship fee of $325.00 for initial offerings (and $50 for each additional multiple offering), DSHA co-sponsorship fee of $100.00, send the requesting organization a copy of this policy and procedure, and the required ASHA documentation. In addition, the requesting organization shall submit, to the DSHA Executive Council, a printed outline of the continuing education activity, as well as the speaker’s name, background, and affiliation, for review.
  3. Upon review, and if the submission is not approved, the ASHA CE Administrator shall inform the requesting organization of the disapproval and the reasons therefore. The requesting organization may submit a new or amended proposal, if desired, which proposal shall be reviewed by the DSHA Executive Council and the ASHA CE Administrator.
  4. Upon review and approval by the DSHA Executive Council and the ASHA CE Administrator, of the submitted information required by paragraph 2 of this document, procedures as stated in the ASHA CE Administrator’s manual would be initiated. This included completion of the ASHA co-sponsorship agreement form, receipt of the co-sponsorship fees, receipt of a brochure meeting ASHA guidelines, and completion of the ASHA continuing education activity form.
  5. Specific ASHA requirements for the brochure and critical deadlines will then be reviewed with the requesting organization.
  6. Once all of the necessary documentation required by the ASHA CE Administrator’s Manual has been received and reviewed by the ASHA CE Administrator within the specified time-frame, it will be faxed or mailed to ASHA no later than 3 weeks prior to the continuing education activity.
  7. The ASHA CE Administrator, or a designee, must attend the continuing education activity to oversee the granting of ASHA CEUs to individuals who have appropriately participated in the activity and have completed the required ASHA documentation. This individual should also attend this activity free of charge, and be reimbursed for mileage at the rate allowable by the Internal Revenue Service for tax deductions.
  8. The requesting organization as well as a roster including all of the participants at this activity shall provide a sign-in roster of participants requesting ASHA CEUs.
  9. The ASHA CE Administrator will then submit this required documentation to ASHA to grant CEUs to the requesting participants.
  10. When the ASHA CE Administrator receives a final printed report of the completed activity from ASHA, a copy of this report will be sent to the requesting co-sponsored organization. This final report includes a brief description of the continuing education activity and a roster of the participants who have been granted ASHA CEUs.

Adopted by DSHA Executive Council March 6, 2002

Illene Courtright, President, DSHA
Joy Hill, ASHA CE Administrator

Amended by the DSHA Executive Council January 2008

Kristen Palmer, President, DSHA
Tracy Bombara, ASHA CE Administrator

Amended by the DSHA Executive Council January 2015

Leia Heckman, President, DSHA
Tracy Bombara, ASHA CE ADministrator