Past Programs Hosted By DSHA

Past Programs Hosted By DSHA:

DSHA has been providing high quality continuing education opportunities for more than twenty years inviting nationally and internationally recognized speakers to present a six-hour learning opportunity. These twice a year offerings provide our membership current clinical and professional growth at reasonable cost without extensive travel or time away from their professional and personal responsibilities.

Across the past ten years, DSHA has proudly presented:


Childhood Apraxia: Evaluation and Therapy Challenges: Therapy-Rich and Video Enhanced
Presenter: David Hammer, MS CCC/SLP


TBI in Childhood and Adolescence: Myths, Challenges, and What to do about it
Presenter: Angela Hein Ciccia Ph.D.

Children with Highly Unintelligible Speech: AAC is Easier than You Think!
Presenter: Cathy Binger, Ph.D.


Aligning Speech Language Assessment and Treatment with the Common Core State Standards
Presenter: Susan W. Floyd, Ph.D

Working Effectively With School-Age Children Who Stutter
Presenter: Joseph Donaher, Ph.D.


New Voice: Biomechanics, Biology, Learning & Personalization
Presenter: Kittie Verdolini Abbott, Ph.D.

PODD Communication Books Two Day Workshop: Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for Children who have Complex Communication Needs
Presenter: Linda Burkhart, MS CCC/SLP

Evidence Based Practice: Vocabulary Interventions
Presenter: Judy Montgomery, Ph.D.


Foundations of Clinical Supervision
Presenter: Carol Dudding, Ph.D.

Late, Lost and Unprepared: Helping Students with Executive Functioning
Presenter: Laurie Dietzel, Ph.D.


Brain Basis of Autism; Effects on Learning and Language Development
Presenter: Diane Williams, Ph.D.

Clinical Management of Language and Short Term Memory Impairments in Aphasia
Presenter: Nadine Martin, Ph.D. et al


Extreme Makeover: The AAC Edition
Presenter: Gail Van Tatenhove, CCC/SLP

Childhood Apraxia and Facilitating Speech Intelligibility
Presenter: Pamela Marshalla, Ph.D.


Cochlear Implants: medical Issues and Rehabilitation Strategies
Presenter: Michael Texido, MD et al.

Overlapping Issues: Exploring the Complexities of Mental Health Issues and Developmental Needs in Children with ASD, Anxiety Disorder and Mood Disorders
Presenter: Barbara Quinn, RN


START with Prevention: How Intervention BEFORE Assessment Makes Sense
Presenter: Barbara Moore Brown

Bilingual Intervention with Second Language Learners: Theory and Practice
Presenter: Raul Rojas


Auditory and Language Processing Disorders: Differentiating in Assessment and Intervention Strategies
Presenter: Gail Richard, Ph.D.

Enhancing Phonological and Metaphonological Skills in Children with Highly Unintelligible Speech
Presenter: Barbara Hodson, Ph.D


Navigating Cyber Space: Information and Intervention Materials on the Internet
Presenter: Judith Kuster

ADHD and Memory Problems in Children
Presenter: Judith Heyer